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Teen Driving and Driver Education

Autonautics International Driving School, Inc. has contracts with many prestigious, private and parochial high schools to teach the behind the wheel portion of their driver education program for their students. We are well aware of the special attention a teenager will need to become a safer driver and to obtain his/her New York State Driver's License. 

Teens go from the safest modes of transportation - riding in a school bus - to the deadliest - driving in a motor vehicle - seemingly overnight. Teens need information and experience to become good drivers. Turning over the keys to young drivers should be done with care and responsibility. Working with teens, we can ensure that teens learn good driving habits and are prepared to safely take the road.

Driver Education
Driver & Traffic Safety Education in New York State schools is a course implemented via a joint partnership between the New York State Education Department and the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. The Driver Education course is intended to educate students, age 16 or older, on appropriate driving skills and habits as well as playing a responsible role in the highway transportation/safety system. Course highlights include 24 hours of classroom instruction and 24 hours of behind the wheel training and observation. Students who satisfactorily complete the course are eligible to receive the MV-285: Student Certificate of Completion.
The MV-285 Student Certificate of Completion allows:
    1. A NYS Junior Permit holder to schedule a road test.
    2. Driver's Ed students to apply for a possible reduction in automobile insurance cost, participation is dependent upon insurance provider participation, varies up to 15% off.
    3. A 17 year old to receive a senior Class D license (MV-285 form must be submitted to local DMV to attain this benefit).

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It is time for your teen to begin driving. Your son or daughter is ready, but are you ready?
The first year of driving is the most important year of driving for your teenager. The participation of parents can make a positive difference. Younger drivers are in a greater number of crashes than other age groups. The crashes that involve teens also tend to be more serious than crashes that involve only drivers in other age groups. The statistics below about younger drivers age 16 to 24 are not provided to alarm parents, but to alert parents:
  • Drivers ages 16-24 represent 12% of the licensed drivers in New York State, but represent 20% of the drivers involved in crashes.
  • 32% of all fatalities in the years 2004 through 2006 occurred in crashes that involved younger drivers.
  • Younger drivers involved in fatal and personal injury crashes are twice as likely as all drivers in such crashes to have unsafe speed reported as a factor that contributed to the accident.
  • Fatal and personal injury crashes that involve younger drivers are more likely to involve more than one vehicle than all the fatal and personal injury crashes.
As a parent, you can have a positive impact through knowledge of the New York State Graduated Driver License (GDL) law. You can contribute to the driving safety of your teen if you:
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