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Tired of waiting on long lines at the DMV?

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Autonautics International Driving School, Inc. is a Department of Motor Vehicles Licensed Private Service Bureau to Help You With All Your Motor Vehicle Services.

Our Services Include:
New/Transfer Plates
Renewal/Duplicate Registrations
Duplicate Titles
Transfer of Ownership
Clear Traffic Violations
Pay Parking Tickets
Duplicate Licenses
International Drivers Licenses

Come Prepared...
Proof of vehicle ownership
Proof of NYS sales tax payment, exemption or purchase price
Proof of NYS automobile liability insurance
Proof of identity and date of birth of the registrant.
 for sales taxes and fees

Also see the additional special requirements or information for these specific situations:
Leased vehicle.
Vehicle registered and/or titled in another state.
Vehicle imported from another nation
Passenger class registration for a pick up truck
U.S. Armed Forces member sales tax deferral, form DTF-803
NYS sales tax exemption for registrant who was a non-resident of NYS when the vehicle was purchased, form DTF-803.
Transaction by someone other than the registrant
Special conditions:  certificate of title only (no registration), homemade vehicles and trailers, insurance exemption for light trailers, registrant and owner are not the same person, more than one registrant or owner, partnership or corporation registration.

Popular Forms to Register A Motor Vehicle:

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